Strike off: Galaincha V4.30

Sample view of the rug with the real-life texture simulation.


1. Thumbnail Palette

The white box in the Thumbnail Palette (called the proxy view area) corresponds to the currently strikeoff area in the window. To move the view of a strikeoff, drag the proxy view area in the thumbnail palette.

2. Strikeoff Size

Defines the Strikeoff size. Maximum size limit for strikeoff is 36 inches.

3. Zoom with scale

Zoom in the Strikeoff view with the Rural allows to match the view area with the real texture scale of a rug. Simply Drag the mouse left or right to zoom in or zoom out the viewing area.


4. Effect

Gives handmade finishing with irregular flow in design.

5. Save and Export

Save Image : Saves the strikeoff view in .jpeg or .png format

Export  Strikeoff: Export the strikeoff area for production purpose.

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