My Room: Galaincha V4.30

A powerful tool that allows to lay your rug designs on any room photographs just in a few clicks. Laying a rug design under the furniture is even more easier. First adjust the carpet orientation by dragging the carpet handles (corners) then mark the floor area (drawing with Green mark) and furniture area (drawing with Red Mark) and the carpet will be laid under the furniture automatically.  


1. Load Room/ Take Photo

To select Room image in .jpeg format or take picture of the room directly using your web camera.

2. Mark Floor or Furniture

To mark the area for laying rug design, Select Mark Floor option and draw lines on the floor area. Select Mark Furniture option and draw lines on overlapping furniture area separately. Select Remove Marks and right click on lines to remove unnecessary lines. You can also click undo to revert back to previous state and click clear to remove all the marks.

3. Reset Carpet Position

To select Predetermined positions for laying the rug designs automatically. There are options to select from Front to left back, Front to Right back, Front to Middle back and Across to position exactly to your room settings.

4. Rotate Carpet

To change the orientation of the rug design.

5. Quick Guide

To view quick guide on how to use the My Room tool.

6. Layer Tools


Export All layer

To export the files in three different layers separating overlapped furniture, rug design and room image in individual layers.

Export Top Layer

To export only the overlapped furniture image in a single layer to upload later from Import Top Layer.

Import Top Layer

To import previously saved image layer file.

7. Save Image

To save the Room view image with the rug design.

8. Save CRF

To save the processed Room in .crf format that can be uploaded in Room View to view other rug designs.


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