Galaincha V4.30 : Printing Design Options

Print Design function is another unique function in Galaincha software. You can print the current design with additional information like design name, colors, textures, pile heights, own logo, carpet size, custom texts and disclaimer. It saves the design plate in pdf format.


There are different options of the design plate template layout,

  • Default Portrait : This template will have the color information at the bottom. It is suitable for showing design with less number of colors
  • Default Landscape : This template will have the color information at right side. It is suitable for showing design with many number of colors


  • Default A3 size : This template is suitable to print Design plate in A3 sheet which will show large size design


  • Design Only : This template is to print design without color and texture information.


  • Colors Only : This template is suitable to print color information of more than 30 colored design. You can print Design Only and Color Only separately to have all the information.


Design Plate printing has different option of showing design.

  • Rendering: Show design with texture simulation


  • Plain Design: Show plain design without simulation


  • Outline: Show design outline only


  • Drop Shadow: Add shadow around the design rendering


You can save the design in PDF format by clicking Save button.
You can Print the design Plate directly to your default printer.
Click Close button (shortcut ESC) to close the window

Manual Mode

Switch back to the earlier versions of Design plate. Click here to find out more about this mode.


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