How to apply Carving effect for motifs only?

Open the design

Select the area of motifs and its surrounding and copy it to the new layer

1.pngNow turn off the visibility of the background layer.


Go to CarpeTools>> Visualization

Set pile height of the motifs to High Pile (7 mm)

Apply carving effect and save the image in .PNG file format

Note: Now close the visualization window but DO NOT click on OK button.

Next, turn on the visibility of the background layer

Again go to Visualization and save the normal visualization image in .jpg file format


Open both the visualization images

Create a new layer and place the carved visualization image on top of the normal visualization image


Staying on the top layer with carving effect visualization, press Ctrl+Shift+L. It will select all the components of that layer

Go to Image >> Effect >> Feather >> Transparency

Set the Feather value between 30 – 50


Click “OK” and save the image in .jpg file format.


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