Mimic beautiful color and texture irregularities in your visualizations: Galaincha V4.30

For a more realistic look in your design visualizations, you can now mimic beautiful color and texture irregularities resulting from dyeing and weaving processes in your visualizations.

Handmade Look

Add weaving irregularities in the texture

Handmade_Look.jpg Handmade_Look_1.jpg
Handmade_Effect_Img.jpg Handmade_Effect_Img_1.jpg

Texture Variation

Add uneven color variations

Texture_Variation.jpg Texture_Variation_1.jpg
Texture_Variation_img.jpg Texture_Variation_img_1.jpg

Irregular Edges


Add a natural look to rugs in room views, by making the carpet edges a bit irregular

Irregular_Edges_1.jpg Irregular_Edges.jpg
room_01.jpg room_02.jpg


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