How to view 360° room image in VR set on an Android phone

360° rooms with customized rugs saved with Galaincha/exploRUG can be viewed on the Virtual Reality (VR) headset such as Samsung Gear VR, ShineCon and Google Cardboard.

Please follow the instructions below to load the saved room and then view them in the VR headset.

Steps to transfer the 360° room image into your phone

  • Connect the phone to your PC using the phone’s data cable.

  • On the PC, access your phone's storage from Windows Explorer.

  • On your phone's internal storage (phone), please create a folder "360Photos" 
  • Copy the 360° room image in the folder that you just created.

Steps to view the 360° room image in VR

Samsung Gear VR

  1. Launch your Samsung Gear VR and open Oculus 360 Photos into the folder /360Photos/

Generic VR (if you are using ShineCon or Google Cardboard)

  1. Install VR Media Player - 360 Viewer into your mobile phone from Google Play Store at

  2. Once you have installed the app in your mobile phone please do open the app. Once it is running, please follow the step by step instructions below to load the 360° room image from the folder /360Photos/
    01.png 02.png 03.png

  3. Set the following settings in the app
    Lens : 360, 3D : Non-3D
     04.png 05b.png

  4. In the VR viewer, tap the cardboard view icon from the menu.
    05a.png 06.png

  5. Now, load your mobile phone into the VR set to experience the virtual reality

Suggested VR viewers

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