Using email attachment - Transfer the 360° room image from your computer into your mobile via email

In your computer

Login to your webmail using your email address and password. Here we have Gmail as reference.

  1. Visit in your browser. Type in your full email address and password to login to Gmail

  2. Now click on Compose email button on the top left part of the window.

    This will open a compose window at the bottom left corner of the browser window where you can add the email contents.
    At the bottom of the compose window you can find the attach file button.

  3. Click on the attach button to open the browse window where you can navigate to the folder and select the 360 room image to attach to the email.3.png
    Select the VR rooms saved using Galaincha on your desktop. Click on Open button to attach the file.
  4. The file will be uploaded as an attachment, till then you can fill in addition field to send the email.
  5. Click on the Recipients box to enter the "To" email address. Make sure you add the email address which is being used in the mobile device. For convenience please do add a subject line and type in some message in the body of the email.4.png 
    Room image being upload
  6. Click on Send button once upload is completed to send email.


In your mobile,

  1. Open your email application or use the browser on your mobile to access your email.
  2. Tap on the arrow pointing down to download and save the room image on the mobile device.




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