Using exploRUG File Manager

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To upload new designs, rename and delete designs in exploRUG, you need to use the File Manager.

Here are the steps on how to use the file manager:

1.     Go to this link: and click on Run.


2.     Login to the file manager using your Adminstrator login credentials.


After successful login, you will get a window as shown below:


Adding files:

If you have to upload new designs in exploRUG, simply drag the .CTF file from your drive location and drop it to the respective folder in the File Manager as shown below:


Note: To create .CTF out of your existing image, go to File>>Save As.. and select .CTF file format in Galaincha.

The newly copied design file will be shown in the folder. Please follow the same process for other designs which you want to upload. When you are done copying the files, make sure that you press the ‘Update’ button to make the changes permanent.


Adding folders:

Similar to adding files, if you want to add folder, drag the folder from Windows to the file manager. The folder should contain at least one .CTF file. Otherwise, the folder will not be visible.

Renaming files:

To rename file, select the file and click on the file again.


The filename will be highlighted as shown above. Change the filename but make sure that you do not change the extension (.ctf).

Deleting files:

To delete file, select the file and press delete. You will get confirmation window as shown below:


Press ‘Yes’ to confirm the delete.

To make the changes permanent, you need to click on Update after all operations. The changes will be visible in the exploRUG interface.

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