Design of the Day

Jumpstart each day with fresh design inspirations from the Galaincha team. Design of the Day is an exclusive gift for Galaincha users and as such you can get royalty-free sublime designs everyday created, edited and color mapped with Chromatone and ARS color sets.

Enhance your Galaincha skills with occasional tips provided along with the Design of the Day for creating similar designs on your own. We hope that the stories behind making of these designs will inspire your creativity.

Be sure to check out the Visualization (F5) of each design to see them in full glory.

How to access Design of the Day?

Go to Design > Design of the Day


Once download is completed click on the ‘OPEN’button on the top right corner.


Design will now open in Galaincha along with other accompanying content (Stories and tutorials if available).


(Downloaded Design of the Day)


(Story of downloaded Design of the Day)

Note: All the downloaded designs will be saved in “Documents > Galaincha > Design of the Day” by default.

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