How to export designs from vector software?

When exporting from Vector design programs such as Illustrator, you need to ensure that Antialiasing is turned off when exporting.

For example, in Illustrator, you need to follow these steps to properly export to Galaincha.

1. First of all, open your Illustrator file in Illustrator program.
2. Go to Edit >> Preferences >> General.
3. Remove the Anti-alias.


4. Choose your unit as pixels.


5. Resize your illustrator artwork as required.
6. Now export the design in BMP format.
7. Make sure you have checked off the Anti-Alias again and screen resolution should be 72 dpi.


This artwork can be opened in Galaincha.

Using Adobe Illustrator CC

Go to Edit >> Preferences >> General (Ctrl+K).
Uncheck the Anti-aliased Artwork option.

Choose pixels as your general unit

Resize your illustrator artwork as required.

Now export the design in BMP or PNG format.
Go to File>Export
Make sure that the screen resolution is 72 ppi and set the Anti-aliasing to None.

If you chose BMP as export type, choose 16 Bit as your Depth.

For PNG as export type,

Click OK.

This artwork can be opened in Galaincha.

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