Perspective tool : Laying your designs in open space in a room

Perspective tool is used for laying your carpet designs in your own rooms.

Check this post to lay designs in rooms with overlapping furnitures.

For laying your designs in open space in a room, follow these steps:


Open the design that you wish to lay in your room.

Go to CarpeTools>Perspective

Load the image of the room in .jpeg format


Select the Mark Rug option on the left of the dialog box and drag the four corners to indicate the position of the laid carpet .



Click on Show Image after points are fixed to see the carpet layout.

Click on Rotate Points to arrange the design orientation.

Click on Export.

Now the room will open in new window with two different layers ie. Room image will be at the background and prespective view of a carpet will be on the top layer.


*Since the image and the carpet will be in different layers, the placement can be changed using move tool  3.jpg



Click on Save as CRF to save the file in .CRF format

You can now load the room as a new room in Room View (CarpeTools > Room View > Load Room




For a tutorial on laying designs in rooms with overlapping furnitures, click here.

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