Create speckled and abrash effect with more than two colors

1. Select two colors, one as primary and other as secondary color.

2. Go to CarpeTools>>Create>> Horizontal Lines

3. Now create new layer.

4. Select another two colors as primary and secondary color and repeat the process of creating horizontal lines (CarpeTools>>Create>>Horizontal Lines…)

You will get two layers, each with abrash effect.


5. Now, replace any color in the top layer with transparent color. (Select transparent color from Quick Colors and drop it over one of the colors in Used Colors).


As a result, you will get abrash effect with 3 colors.

For mixed ply with more than 2 colors, first of all, select two colors as primary and secondary colors. Go to CarpeTools>> Create>> Textures>> Multi Ply


Select from a list of multi ply options and click on OK.

You will get a mixed ply with multiple colors. Now, you can replace the colors in the Used Colors box with your desired colors using drag and drop.

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