How to merge two different color database?

Steps to merge two color database into one :

1 : Load the first color database of your choice, let’s say ARS 1200. Colors > Load ARS Color Set > ARS 1200

2 : Go to Colors >> Manage Color Database >> Edit Active Color Database.


The Factory Color Manager window will open like the one below.


3 : Click on Append button.

4 : In the Open dialog box, browse to Documents folder and click on the Galaincha folder.

5 : Click on Color Databases folder and select Color Databases(*.xml) from the dropdown.


6 : Select the color database that you want to merge with the currently loaded color set lets say the second color set is ARS 700 Viscose.

The colors from ARS 700 viscose will now be added to ARS 1200 color set.


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