How to edit the existing Color database?

Go to Colors and load the color database that you want to edit.

Next, go to Colors >> Manage Color Databases >> Edit Active Color Database.


Or, Click on Manage Color Databases icon   >> Edit This Color Database.



Add color to existing color database:

Click on the ‘Add’ button to add the color in the existing color database.

Click on color name to rename the new color pom.

Click on color box to choose the color.     

Edit existing color in color database:                             

Same principle applies for editing the existing colors as well.

Once you click on the color box, Color Picker Dialog box will open.


Various modes of color changing option are found here like Standard, Green-Blue, Red-Green, Blue-Red, Lum-Sat, Hue-Sat, Hue-Lum.

Color values can also be changed by setting R G B values. 


 6.png          7.png

Once the color is set, click ‘OK’.


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