Visualizing your rug design

The Visualization tool lets Galaincha users mock up and see what their rug designs would look like after they have been woven, with real-life textures of wool, silk and loop. It can be accessed quickly by pressing the 'Ctrl+Alt+V' shortcut after a design has been loaded or can be accessed via CarpeTools > Visualization.

For a realistic rug simulation, Visualization offers fine grained control over Silk Sheen.


Polish the silk texture by changing the Silk Sheen.

Low Silk Sheen :

High Silk Sheen :


Interacting with the visualization

You can apply a different material and change pile-heights for a color by clicking on the visualized material itself.


Transparency mode is supported in the visualization

Generally for irregular shaped designs, the visualization in .jpg file format doesn’t show transparent areas, but saving the visualized image in .png file format preserves the transparency for unwoven areas as well.



Visualization in .PNG file format (The transparency is maintained, indicated by the checkerboard pattern)



Visualization in .jpeg file format (The transparency is not maintained)


Resetting the visualization

The reset dropdown menu offers options to set the pile height value for wool, silk, loop and custom textures to default settings including the Silk Sheen.


Saving Visualization for Printing

A high quality version of the visualization can also be saved for printing.

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