How to merge two different color databases into a new color database?

Steps to merge two different color database into a new color database:

1 : Create a new color database, go to Colors >> Manage Color databases >> Create New Color Database.

Save the newly created database in the location \Documents\Galaincha\Color Databases

2 : Now click on Append button to add colors to this database.

3 : Choose the Color Database file type (*.xml) from the dropdown menu. All the color databases available in Galaincha are in the location \Documents\Galaincha\Color Databases. Select the desired .xml file to merge and click open. This will insert the colors in the database into the newly created database.

4  : Press Append again and browse your second color database to insert colors from the second database. Click OK after adding colors to the database.

Now two different color databases are merged into a new color database.

You can then load the merged color database in the factory colors box.

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