Visualization: Save for Printing

The Visualization feature in Galaincha also allows you to save the render in a printable quality.

Load the design and open the Visualization dialog (Ctrl + Alt + V), and click ‘Save for Printing’.


Technically, the Printable visualization is saved with more detailed textures than what is seen in the normal visualization, which makes it printable in large sizes.

Open the saved image (Printable visualization) in Galaincha and go to the Resize dialog box (Ctrl + R). Here you can set the DPI of the image to your Print output settings, for example:

Changing the DPI (shown as Resolution) from the default 96 to the 300 pixels per inch lets us know that the visualization can be printed up to 6 X 8 inches.


It is important to note that the Pixel size does not change as we change the Resolution, increase or decrease here will degrade the image quality.

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