How to visualize special texture in Galaincha?

Example of Visualizing Felt Texture in Galaincha:

Create a new design in desired size.

Suppose the size of each felt ball is 22 mm, so, the resolution must be 2.2 pixels/cm

In the design shown above, single pixel represents a single ball of the felt.

Copy the texture file (FeltTexture.dat) in this location in your machine: \Documents\Galaincha\Textures (Please contact for texture file)

Resize the total pixels of the design.
In the given design, the total pixels in Weight and Height is 110 pixels.

Multiply the total pixels by 9 (i.e. 110x9=990)
Set Resampling mode as Normal.

Go to CarpeTools>Visualization
Select Custom>FeltTexture


The result will be as shown below:

Click on Save Image Button to save the result.

For better visualization of Felt, open the saved result file in Galaincha.
Now, go to CarpeTools>Modify>Handmade Effect

Adjust the scale, roughness and intensity in this window to give an effect of handmade to the design.

The result after applying handmade effect will be as shown below:



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