Material Estimate : Estimating yarn consumption and wastage

This tool is most important and mostly used tool in Galaincha Software. By using the Material Estimate function we can know how much yarn is to be used, wasted and other information before the actual production process takes place.

Galaincha software estimates the consumption details of the raw material to be used in a particular design in color wise breakdown. The Material Estimate enables you to know the percentage of consumption material beforehand to project the cost of the custom rug. The retailers can quote the price without having to wait for the manufacturer to respond, the manufacturer can estimate the exact consumption, and dye yarns optimally, without incurring too much wastage. 

 Go to menu CarpeTools and select Material Estimate.

The Material Estimate shows you the carpet information and estimation information. It gives you the size and quality, and the total weight of carpet. A detailed yarn estimation looks like this :

View the pdf attachment in this tutorial for a better view.

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