Create your own color database

To create your own color database in Galaincha, please follow these steps:


Go to Colors >> Manage Color Databases >> Create New Color Database.

Give color database name and choose the file location to save.

You will get Factory Color Manager Window where no colors will be there at first.

Click on Add button


Now double click in white patch, you will be given a color picker in which wide range of color can be chosen. You can match your color sample with the monitor and then click OK to fix the color.


Now rename the color with your own color.

Repeat the process for all colors. And then click OK. It will save all colors in that file.

Now you need to load your created database in factory color set.

Again go to Colors >> Load new factory color set.

Load color set

Go to your saved file location and open it.

Now your color will display at Factory color set with your own color code. Apply those color in your design to get the design with your own color code.


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