Quick Colors

By clicking on Quick colors, you can get the following features:



1. Design Colors:  It shows the extracted colors used in the design.


* Generally this option loads the sequence of colors used in particular design to work on same color sequence for another design.


2. Default Colors: It shows the default quick colors.


* This option prefers quick colors for processing the design in tracing the details of design with another color.


3. Grayscale Colors: It shows a range of gray shades colors from black to white.


* This option is pretty helpful to process the design with gradient color effect or similar color tone.


4. Blend Active Colors: It shows the blend form of colors selected between primary and secondary colors.


* This option is much helpful to get the similar color tones of selected colors.


5. Load colors: It loads the color palette of color used in particular image.

6. Save Colors: It saves the color palette of color of particular image for future use.

7. Apply Colors to design: It lets you apply the colors from the list of saved color to the design.


Steps to load color sequence:

  • Select Design Colors option from Quick Colors.
  • Click on Save Colors option  to save the color palette for future use.
  • It will save the color palette with .pal extension.
  • Open another design where you wish to apply the same color sequence that you have saved.
  • Click on Load Colors option to load the saved color sequence.
  • Finally click on Apply Colors to Design.quick_colors.PNG 
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