Using the Named Color Set and customizing Used Color Swatch display

We have added thousands of colors represented by interesting names derived from their real-life sources in Galaincha (Menu> Colors> Load Named Color Set). The named color set will help users relate the colors in their designs with the real world and aid in telling stories about their designs. In addition, the Used Colors panel can be customized to show color swatches in Rectangular, Square or Circular forms.

How to display the Default Color Set or Named Color Set?

For displaying Default color set, Go to  Colors > Load Default Color Set

1.jpg     2.jpg

(Used Colors mapped to Chromatone 210 color)

For displaying named colors, go to Colors >> Load Named Color Set 

3.jpg      4.jpg                

Note: You will need to map the used colors to your standard color sets (Chromatone or ARS colors) for manufacturing.


How to change the Used Colors display type?

Right Click on any Color in the Used Colors , select  Display Options 

4.jpg           6.jpg        7.jpg




For Square Display                           8.jpg        4.jpg 
For Circular Display                          9.jpg         10.jpg 
For Rectangular Display                 11.jpg          12.jpg

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