Troubleshooting Galaincha .CTFX file corrupt issue

You may encounter the following message while trying to open a .CTFX file.


This issue may occur sometimes if you accidentally reboot the machine without saving the design you are working on, or if your computer stops responding and you have to restart the machine manually. These issues may also be caused due to errors on your hard-disk drive.

To overcome the problem of losing designs in an event of such failures, Galaincha automatically creates a backup of your .CTFX files. This file will have the same name as the design name and is placed in the same directory or folder where your design is saved, with a .BAK extension.

In case you get the above mentioned error while opening a .CTFX file, you can change the extension of the .BAK file by renaming it as .PNG file and you can get the design back (except for the quality and visualization settings). 

You now need to re-specify the resolution and dimensions in Image->Resize and set the Visualization settings in CarpeTools->Visualization.

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