exploRUG File Manager

Upload designs, colors and rooms in your exploRUG account more efficiently using File Manager.

Here are the steps on how to use the File Manager:

  1. Go to this link: from Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge browser and click on Run. This will download the application.


2. Enter your Admin username and password to login.


After successful login, you will get a window as shown below:


3. Add Designs, Colors and Rooms separately and click on Update individually to upload.


  • Save the design file in .CTF format in Galaincha.
  • Drag and drop the CTF file in Remote Designs folder.
  • Once the designs are added, click on the Update button to upload the designs. If you want to upload in a particular folder, then drag and drop to that particular folder to upload. You can also add a folder with .CTF design files by dragging and dropping the folder in Remote Designs folder.


  • Click on Add button
  • Select the color database in .XML file format created in Galaincha or select the XML file from C:\Documents\Galaincha\Color Databases if you already have the colors uploaded in Galaincha.
  • Click on Update button to add the new color database to the existing color set.




  • Process the room illustrations in Galaincha using My Room Tool.
  • Save the room file in .CRF file format.
  • Drag and drop the room file (.CRF) in Remote Rooms folder.
  • Click on Update button to upload the room illustrations in exploRUG.



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