RUGShare : Publishing a design on Facebook

RUGShare enables to share your particular design in your facebook page.

Login into your exploRUG admin account and select the design you want to share.


Click on Admin Tools and select RUGShare to share the selected design. Then you will be promt to RUGShare window,

Copy the RUGShare link of the design by clicking  Copy to Clipboard and paste in your facebook post.

You can also click  button to directly login to your facebook page and share the post.

As an example, you can copy the link below to share the design shown.

Paste the link on a new post on your facebook page and publish it with a short description of the design.


The design image along with the description will be posted in your facebook page.


Your followers can click on the image of your post to load the customization interface.


They can now change colors, textures and pile heights and save the design or send ordersheet to you through email. 

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