Rug Share : Sharing on Social media

Using any web browser, visit and you can login into your exploRUG account.

Enter your admin Username and Password of your administration account in login area,


The explorug Admin user interface will be loaded in the web browser.


Now click on the Admin tools button to reveal more tools that is accessible only for admin login, now click on RUGShare button to share the selected design in your social media.


Clicking on RugShare button will pop up the dialog as below,

RugShare lets you share the design using the sharable link shown on top. You can even copy the link by clicking  copy to clipboard button and share the link in any messaging applications like, Viber, fb messenger, WhatsApp as private message so that the receiver can click the link to view and customize the design. 

You can also share directly on social sites like Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or you can even chose to share via email by clicking on the tabs.




The QR code of the design can be saves by clicking  and will save the design with QART code which can be used for print media like brochures, advertisements or any other publishing purposes. The readers can scan this QR code using scanner or QR code reader from mobile to view the design and customize online. 

Thus RUGShare is a powerful tool to share your Rug designs online through social media and print media.

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