Visualization: Galaincha V4.30

Present your design with the optimal possibilities. Get the instant view of real rug like look in Design View or Illustrate in Room View or simulate it in the close up Strikeoff view. All in all possible illustrations in one user friendly interface.

Design View

Design view lets Galaincha users mock up and see what their rug designs would look like after they have been woven, with real-life textures of wool, silk and loop.


1. Silk Sheen

For a realistic rug simulation, Design view offers fine grained control over silk sheen. Polish the silk texture by changing the silk sheen value.

2. Lighting Intensity

For controlling the strength of a light.

3. Texture Beautifications

Lighting direction - For defining the way of the light source.

Handmade Look - For giving handmade finishing with irregular flow in the visualization.

Texture Variation - For adding scruffy look in the texture.

4. Texture Enhancements

Irregular Edges - For giving natural look to the rugs  by making the carpet edges a bit irregular.

Enhance Texture - For improving the quality of the visualization.

5. Multiple Save Modes

To save the renders with multiple options.

Save image - For normal saving

Save Photorealistic - For full carpet sized visualization with detailed textures.

Save for Print - For the visualization with more detailed textures than what is seen in the normal visualization, which makes it printable in large sizes. (Additional options are available)

6. Save Image

Save the changes with all the customized details.

7. Carving

Apply or remove carving effect from the customized rug.

8. Reset

The reset dropdown menu offers options to set the pile height value for wool, silk, loop and custom textures to default setting including silk sheen.

9. Material Selection

Change  texture and pile height from customization option list. Simply Right click on the design itself or click on  Drop down Arrow buttons next to the color box for more customization option.


10. Viewing Modes

Allows to view the rendering in various manner

Fit - Fit the visualization view to the screen scaling both the zoom level and the window size to fit the available screen space.

100 % - a complete Visualization view in the window fit to the window based on the monitor's resolutiion and the design resolution.

Full Screen - Visualize only the rendering.

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