Material Estimation for design with Multi-Ply Effect


                                                              Design without Multi Ply


Applying Multi Ply effect on second color:

6.jpg   7.jpg


                                                 Design with Multi Ply effect

NOTE: Multi ply is only for the visualization and color indication purpose. Make sure the layer with multi-ply effect is turned off for graph and material estimation purposes.


Go to Colors >> Material Estimate to view the material estimation without multi ply effect.


In the above design, the total weight of second color (Light Chocolate) as shown in Material Estimate is 14.09 kg.


Since we used the multiply type as 33% in 3-ply on second color, to calculate the weight of individual colors used here, we consider 33% as primary color and 66% as secondary color.
In the above example design, Dull Orange color (Primary Color) should be 4.7 kg. and Light Chocolate color (Secondary Color) should be­ 9.4 kg.

However, depending upon the dyeing process, the weight of yarn might vary, which need to be verified by the manufacturers.

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