Step Gradient

Step Gradient Tool 



-          Drag a nob to adjust the gradient.

-          Press Enter to finish and Esc to undo.


* Right click to reverse the color.


Variations offered by Step Gradient tool


Defining steps in the Step Gradient Tool

-          Click on mode option.mode.png

-          Click on profile.

-          Enter the number of steps for gradient.


* We generally apply gradient tool to define steps  for the carpet having gradient texture.



Design with Linear Gradient Effect Background


Gradient Tool in implementation

 -         Choose colors as primary and secondary color.

-          Create a gradient texture for the background from  CarpeTools>>Create>> Texture>>Gradient.

-          Try the different options offered by it.


* Texture created by the gradient is not graphable as is it not a solid patch of color it is only for demonstration.

-          Create a new layer

-          Select Selection Gradient Tool

-          Choose linear option

-          Fix the gradient steps


Managing a layer

-          Place the layer with design on the top layer.

-          Place the Gradient texture at the middle layer.

-          Place the Gradient  at bottom layer.


* Generally gradient tool is used to create a solid patch of color for graph  where mix ply is applied for gradient effect.

* Layer with gradient texture is not for graph. So make sure that the layer is off while printing a graph.

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