Filling a pattern on a canvas : All Over and Custom

The Mirror tool is a very resourceful when it comes to patterns in Galaincha. For this tutorial we will be learning how to spread a pattern all over a canvas or only a few desired blocks.


1. Open a blank canvas and create a pattern you want to spread over the Galaincha canvas.

2. Now select the pattern.




3. Click the ‘Mirror’ drop down from the ToolBox and select ‘Allover



4. The pattern will be repeated all over the canvas.

Note: If your selection has blank spaces, the pattern repeats will also have blank spaces.




The ‘Custom’ option in the Mirror drop down allows you to repeat the pattern to desired number of blocks.

For e.g: To spread a pattern around the inside, leaving the outside empty, we moved the pattern to snap its edges to the center guide.




Then we selected the ‘Custom’ option in the Mirror drop down and put 2 on both vertical and horizontal repeat.



Visualization of the design, with pattern repeated all over:


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