WizCraft is a simple and easiest way to convert an artwork into weaveable graph just by entering the number of colors and specifying the waste percentage.

WizCraft Interface

  1. COLORS : For specifying the number of colors to be extracted for the design
  2. COMPLEXITY: For specifying the waste percentage in the design (Higher the complexity value, detailed is the extraction. Lower the complexity value, simplified is the extraction )
  3. Crafted Rug Artwork: Preview of the design after being simplified
  4. Crafted Rug Visualization: Preview of the design as real rug visualization

Steps to use WizCraft

  • Open the artwork in Galaincha
  • Resize the artwork as per the requirement
  • Go to (CarpeTools>> Clean >>WizCraft)
  • Specify the number of colors and complexity percentage as desired and click on “CRAFT”
  • Once the artwork is converted, you can compare the original design alongside the crafted result by staying on “Crafted Rug Artwork ”.
  • Click on “Crafted Rug Visualization” to view the visualization of the crafted design
  • Click on Export once you get the desired result

Click here to follow this tutorial on YouTube.


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