Rug Presentation

Rug Presentation is a unique tool to showcase rug collections, customize colors, material, construction, illustrate it in room view, and save the order sheet with all the customization information to place an order.

Go to Design >> Rug Presentation 

1. Category Selection

Specify the location of the design repository.

2. Design Selection

Thumbnail view of the available design collection.

3. Material Selection

Color, texture, pile height customization option list. Simply click on Color Box or Drop down Arrow buttons for more customization option.

(Material selection option will not be visible if the design is not in the color separated.)

4. View Selection

Design View: View the rug visualization instantly or

Room View: Illustrates the rug visualization in the selected Room.

5. Carving

Apply or remove carving effect from the customized rug.

6. Save Image

Save an image of the customized rug or the Room View locally.

7. Order Sheet

Fill all the customization details as needed and create an Order Sheet for the final production.

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