How to create Circular Rug with Rotate Layer Tool


  • Create a new file square in size
  • Create a pattern that is to be repeated in circular way in the circular design
  • Calculate the number of times you are going to repeat the pattern
  • Here we are repeating the pattern for 10 times, so the pattern needs to be rotated by 36­­o simultaneously
  • Duplicate the main layer with pattern for 10 times
  • Select the top layer and go to Image >> Rotate layer
  • Set the angle value = 36o
  • Now select the next layer and rotate the layer by 72O (36o + 36o)
  • Continue the process for all layers

  • Apply Art to Graph and export the design
  • Fill the background color
  • Now convert the design to circular design (CarpeTools >> Modify >> Quick Shapes >> Shape Type >> Circular)


The result is the circular rug.

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