Carving effect in Design with Mix ply

Carving in design with mixed ply is one situation where Galaincha cannot produce the desired visualization. However, you can follow the following workaround to get a result close enough to what you want:
1.       Open your design without having speckled effect.
2.       Go to Visualization and apply carving effect to it.
Save the output of visualization.
3.       Now apply speckled effect for one of the color patches.
4.       Make the plain color part transparent and visualize it without carving effect (The transparent area will be white in color in visualized image).


Save this image too.
5.       Next, open both of the visualized images in Galaincha.
6.       Place the carved visualized image on the bottom layer and place the speckled visualized image on the top.


7.       Select unnecessary part of the visualization and delete it.(For making your selection more easy and accurate, you can select the transparent area from the design and paste it over the speckled visualized image).


You will get the following output


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